Leider gibt es Probleme beim Einloggen in ein Kundenkonto und wir können diese zur Zeit noch nicht lösen, da wir den Fehler noch nicht gefunden haben.

Unfortunately we have to inform all our loyal customers and friends that after the sudden death of Sascha we will not continue the business in the long run.

Thank you in the name of the wife and children for the many expressions of sympathy and the personal participation in the funeral service as well as the accompaniment on Sascha's last journey. A special thank you to all those who helped in a special way in the farewell of Sascha.

Bunker 158 was his dream and his life and was so abruptly ended. However, we would like to bring everything to an end in his spirit. May the great community of collectors and friends remember Sascha as a good friend and companion.

The many pre-orders are still being processed and thus we are still active for the next 2-3 years. However, new pre-orders will no longer be accepted.

All items have been removed from the store. Gradually, we will put all the stock items in the store, but this will certainly take several months.

About 300 items are already online, including some items that are already traded among collectors

We hope for your understanding if not everything can be done immediately in the near future.

As far as possible all received mails have been answered. If a mail has not yet been answered, please send it to us again.