The Payment Plan

Our easy way to your statue

Our figures and statues often have a long delivery time, which is also often postponed. (At the beginning we stop the planned release, and only on request we update it)

After the order we send again the pre-order with the amount of the handling fee (is fully credited at purchase)

The amount of the processing fee is usually about 10% of the order amount, rounded down. For special orders, e.g. from our US warehouse, the amount may be higher.

If you cancel within the term of the contract, the processing fee will not be refunded.

Since our system unfortunately always shows the full amount when using Paypal as payment method, pre-order orders can only be made by bank transfer.

Small hint to the Paypal friends - deposits or handling fees are not covered by the Paypal buyer protection. nicht über den Paypal Käuferschutz abgedeckt.

After the first payment we will send the order confirmation and receipt of payment. After that every customer can transfer further payments at his own discretion. This way you can create a savings plan for yourself to avoid paying such a large amount of money at once when you release your product.

Should a personal bottleneck arise, the payments made will be promptly transferred back.

As soon as the statue is with us we will send the final invoice and all payments will be charged. Fees are not charged.

But this is only possible with bank transfer.

It is also not possible to transfer the processing fee from one order to another. It would then be a cancellation and a new order.

Our offered statues are collector's items and are ordered separately on customer's request and partly also produced in quantity.

In very rare cases, however, the manufacturer cancels our order quantity and we release the items in the order in which they were ordered.

If we cancel something like this, all payments including the processing fee will be refunded. Any claims for compensation are excluded.

Please use our contact sheet to receive more infos about our payment plan!

Your Bunker Team