Anovos Shock Trooper Helmet – Star Wars Stormtrooper Helm

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Based on digital scans of the original costume piece used in Star Wars, as well as undergoing an exacting replication process by Anovos creative team, this Shock Trooper Helmet Replica is sure to delight fans of the Star Wars franchise!

Made from a sturdy fibreglass outer shell and hand-painted to perfection, this stunning piece is sure to pack a punch in your Star Wars collection! Pick one up today and show your allegiance to the Galactic Empire!


The helmet is assembled and ready to wear with red paint markings of the Imperial Shock Trooper.
The helmet is vacuum formed ABS construction.
Distinctive asymmetry, an artifact of the hand-sculpted screen-used pieces created for the original production of 1977’s STAR WARS™ EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE, with replicated hand-painted style decoration.
Helmet size adjustment system ensures a comfortable and secure fit.

This wearable replica helmet is limited to only 400 units worldwide

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