2000 AD: Regular Judge Dredd 1:4 Statue Pop Culture Shock Karl Urban ca. 55 cm

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Fans of Karl Urban and 2000 AD rejoice! Pop Culture Shock presents the 1:4 scale Modern Judge Dredd Statue.

If there is one lawman keeping Mega-City One in order, It’s Joseph Dredd.

“I have a hard time picking a more badass character than Judge Dredd. Sure; Batman’s tough and Ryu is a great fighter…but neither are as deadly or mysterious as the good judge.” said Jerry Macaluso, President of Pop Culture Shock, “And when we first laid eyes on this modern and realistic interpretation of his classic costume, we knew we had to make it!”

This incredibly detailed collectible features his costume as first shown in the film ‚Dredd 3D‘, and was painstakingly researched to be accurate.

Size: 21.5 (54.5cm)“H(53.34cm) x 11 (28cm)“W(27.94cm) x 12 (30.5cm)“L(30.48cm) Estimate

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