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It’s the Hybrid Chestburster! The sculpture is cast of Polystone, a type of cold cast resin, using molds made from the artist’s sculpture. Each sculpture is finely crafted and hand painted based on the original sculpture by Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr. of Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. Freely displayed on a cold cast resin base with an acrylic insert background. Stands 14-inches tall! Limited edition of 1500 pieces worldwide!

Born from the Alien seed planted within Scar during an encounter with a Facehugger, the strange creature emerges from Scar’s lifeless torso in an explosion of luminous green Predator blood. But this chestburster is different than the ones seen in previous Alien films. While residing in the host body, this chestburster reveals the muted colorings of the Predator, a more muscled body, and an arrangement of four crab-like mandibles along with its Alien traits. It’s the Hybrid Chestburster, which combines the DNA of both species.

The Director of Alien versus Predator wanted to end the movie on an ominous note. And what better way to send chills down the spines of his viewers than with the introduction of a Hybrid Chestburster–a combination of both the Alien and the Predator race? The Hybrid Chestburster puppet was built with a translucent silicone skin and thin membranes wrapping around the mandibles. On the set, 8 puppeteers manipulated the puppet, revealing the fully-formed creature in its various birth stages. Its final emergence, in a ghastly spray of green blood, was accomplished with high-pressure tubes of Predator blood.

Es handelt sich um eine Artist Proof Statue – inkl. Zertifikat, allerdings wurde der Chestburster ohne Metalplakette geliefert.

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