Beast Kingdom DC Comics Dark Nights Metal Dynamic 8ction Heroes Actionfigur 1/9 The Batman Who Laughs and his Rabid Robins DX 20 cm


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Amongst all the characters of DC multiverse, The Batman Who Laughs stands as the craziest of them all! Having inherited an endless amount of madness from the Joker, the combination of Batman’s strength and wit, with the Joker’s maniacal persona, created a character never before seen in the DC comics world!

Enter a dark world unlike any other with Beast Kingdom as two of the main characters from DC Multiverse are launched in articulable DAH (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) designs. With between 20 and 26 points of articulation, both Batman and his sidekick Robin are recreated in Dark Knight Metal form!

The Laughing Batman, comes to life wearing his signature spiked, lather outfit, made of imitation leather, whereas Robin wears his classic red and green outfit, but in a mutated, Joker design! Each figure comes with a collection of two head sculpts and multiple replaceable hands to really flesh out the many ways for posing. A perfect collectors set to take home and enjoy for fans of the demented otherworldly take on the classic Caped Crusader!

The Batman Who Laughs includes?
– The Batman Who Laughs, DAH body with around 22 points of articulation
– Two (2) replaceable Batman head sculpts (Smiling, open mouth)
– Three (3) pairs of replaceable hands (Fist, open, gripping)
– Imitation leather for the clothing
– A short handled sickle
– Special, branded figure base with bracket

Robin includes:
– The Batman Who Laughs Robin DAH body with around 16 points of articulation
– Two (2) replaceable Robin head sculpts (Smiling, open mouth)
– Three (3) pairs of replaceable hands (Fist, open, gripping)
– Real fabric for clothing
– Real metal for chain

Special features:
– 1:9 scale action figure
– Photorealistic modeling
– Plentiful accessories and equipment
– Detailed sculpture and painting category
– Limited winter edition release

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