Beast Kingdom “Disney´s DuckTales” Master Craft Scrooge McDuck Golden Special Edition


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Aussteller Bunker, in einem einwadfreiem Zustand!


Get ready to flash some cash, with the richest Duck in Duckberg! “Scrooge McDuck” as he gets ready to dive into his vault of coins and treasures to take a swim. Are you up for joining him on a dip yourself?

The famous uncle of the three young Ducks, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, the rich globetrotter is well-known for owning a building-sized vault filled with his treasures! Duck Tales brought to life Scrooge McDuck and unleashed him to the world, becoming a fan favorite along the way.  With an extreme love for money, eccentric taste, and a little bit of charm, Scrooge, whilst stingy is ultimately a good-hearted uncle!

Beast Kingdom’s Entertainment Experience Brand is back once again with the latest Master Craft statue, the Limited Edition, MC-032. Upholding the highest forms of craftsmanship, the Master Craft series aims to deliver the very best in handmade, hand-painted statues from the world of entertainment.

Faithfully recreating the classic Uncle Scrooge design, the head-to-toe clothing fully showcases the aristocratic tastes of Scrooge. The cane, the treasures under Scrooge as well as the very first coin he kept as a young collector starting out on his treasure hunts are all faithfully recreated! With this special, limited edition run, collectors can enjoy one of a kind copper-colored design, matching the wonderfully rich taste of Scrooge himself.

So make sure to add this limited edition statue to your collection and take home the rich world of Scrooge McDuck from Duck Tales.

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