Beast Kingdom “Disney´s Monster Inc.” Master Craft James P. Sullivan & Mike Wazowski Limited Statue


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1x neu, 1x Austeller Bunker, in einem einwandfreiem Zustand!


Bringing to life the two main characters from the animated classic, ‘The Entertainment Experience Brand’ from Beast Kingdom launches a highly collectible statue from the ‘Master Craft’ series of hand-painted and crafted masterpieces. Faithfully recreating the Scene when Mike and Sulley themselves are frightened by human socks, the level of detail of the two characters is unparalleled. With a focus on the deep green of Mike and the vibrant, multi-colored colors of Sulley, the two are accompanied with a highly detailed, individually numbered base and plaque as well as the aforementioned sock itself in all its glory.

The MC-042 Monsters, Inc. Sulley and Mike ‘Master Craft’ is a love letter to the animated classic that is now two decades old. A fan favorite, this collector’s statue is sure to bring joy to all that proudly display it. Make sure yours is ordered from an official Beast Kingdom outlet today.

Special Features:

  • Limited to 3000 pieces worldwide

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