Beast Kingdom “Disney´s The Lion King” Master Craft Little Simba


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A cheeky but lovable Lion cub, we find Simba is in the midst of singing “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King”, and although the song is all about doing as you wish when you achieve power, our proud Simba soon finds out that with power comes a lot of responsibility!
The MC-012 Little Simba features a highly detailed recreation of the young future king with added leaves as a mane, showing his desire to grow up!


This Mastercraft release follows the tradition of individually hand painted and sculpted creations from experienced designers, with each sculpture including a limited edition, numbered plaque, truly making these collectors’ items. With an immense amount of focus on the fine details, the Mastercraft series showcases the very best of Beast Kingdom’s design.


So with the soon to be released The Lion King movie, why not take home this classic animated recreation of Simba and show some love for our cute Lion cub today!

Designed and Manufactured under license by Beast Kingdom


  • Capture the pure magic of The Lion King in fully hand-made and hand painted wonder!
  • Revisit the classic “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” song number, where our innocent Simba sports a leafy mane, waiting for his turn to be king!
  • With huge focus on detail, the latest addition to the Master Craft series also includes a detailed wooden trunk as a base!

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