Beast Kingdom “Disney´s Toy Story” Master Craft Sheriff Woddy Special Edition


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‘You’ve got a friend in me’ the words that many of us still remember ushered in the theme song of Toy Story, the magical tale of friendship and wonder!

Beast Kingdom’s ‘Master Craft’ series is the epitome of high-end statue manufacturing, and what better way to celebrate high-end craftmanship than bringing to life two of the most celebrated friends in animation history, with Buzz Lightyear and Woody! With an individually numbered base, the Toy Story Master Craft series of loving high-end statues are ready to take over a desk near you!

“Woody” and “Buzz Lightyear” launched a special edition, the statue and the floor part all use all black effect design, presenting the black and white sense of the animation before the color, with gold embellished with Woody’s Sergeant badge so that the statue has the finishing touch, providing collectors with more different options! It’s limited to 100 pieces worldwide. Be sure to quickly grab this before they are sold out!How can you let go of such a classic collectible?
Product Measurements:
Woody Approx. H46* W23.5* D23.5 cm

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