Berserk Schierke Bonus Version by Prime1 ca 50 cm

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“To think that a senseless death can create this much malice…”

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the 1/4 scale UPMBR-09: SCHIERKE Statue from Berserk.

Schierke is a young ‘witch-in-training’ and was once a disciple of the witch Flora. She is a valuable companion of Guts. She wears a purple robe and a typical witch’s hat, she carries a wooden staff and a brown bag. She is accompanied by an Elf – Ivalera – who usually sits atop her hat.

Sculpted in approximately 20 inches tall, crafted with a high attention to details including the specially designed base inspired by the Mansion of the Spirit Tree with golems who protected the place from intruders.

The early pre-order bonus is an additional swappable head – the Pirate Clown-like face painted by Isidro and Puck while Schierke was training Farnese in Astral Projection.

Don’t miss out to add this magical piece to your Berserk collection!


Statue Size approximately 20 inches tall with Witch’s Staff [H:49.7cm W:38.9cm D:38.9cm]
Statue Size approximately 17 inches tall with Grimoire [H:44cm W:38.9cm D:38.9cm]
One (1) specially designed base
Two (2) Swappable Head Parts (Normal, Wearing Glasses)
Two (2) Swappable Left Hand Parts (Holding Staff, Holding Book)
Two (2) Swappable Right Hand Parts (Holding Potion, Normal)
One (1) Early Pre-order Bonus Head (Pirate Clown-like face painted by Isidro and Puck)

Product Size H:49.7cm W:38.9cm D:38.9cm(With Witch’s Staff)
H:44cm W:38.9cm D:38.9cm(With Grimoire)
Product Weight 10.9kg
Material Polystone and other materials

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