Crash Bandicoot Life-Size Replica Aku Aku Mask 65 cm 1/1 First 4 Figures


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Aku Aku is an ancient benevolent witch doctor spirit who was reincarnated and is able to communicate through the aid of a special wooden mask. Throughout the Crash Bandicoot series, Aku Aku guides Crash, his sister Coco, and their friends as they defeat the forces of evil. He is also seen as a father figure to them as well.

Aku Aku is a good hearted, happy, and peaceful being. At the same time, he knows when to take important matters seriously. He is also obedient to the rules of his superiors who are called “The Ancients”. They are mysterious beings who have strangely never been seen.

Comes in deluxe full-color packaging with hand numbered base.

Product Size: approx. 65 x 43 x 28 cm

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