DATE A BULLET Kurumi Tokisaki by Prime1

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PRISMA WING never cease to amaze! A new heroine is ready to join our line-up, featuring the most popular characters from the Japanese manga, anime and videogames!

Get ready to welcome Kurumi Tokisaki, our all brand-new 1/7 Scale PVC figure from the spinoff series “Date A Bullet”!
Living up to her reputation as the Worst Spirit, all of her actions and thoughts are shrouded in mystery. Kurumi’s charm and essence have been perfectly captured by our artists and finely sculpted in 3D!
The red and black Astral Dress Elohim that she wears so elegantly is an explosion of realism and details! Look at the fluid motion of the long skirt floating in the wind, and also the ribbon, the lace and the embroidery are reproduced with meticulous care!

What makes Kurumi so irresistible is without any doubt her Golden Clock left eye, recreated exactly like it appears in the anime, alongside with a cute but fearless smile on her face!

This figure delivers both Kurumi’s natures: she’s graceful yet strong, beautiful yet vicious, so how can you resist such power? Get your very own figure now and let your explosive “date” begin!


Product Size Approx. H:27cm
Product Carton Boxes Approx. 1
Material PVC/ABS and other materials



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