Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Marie Rose Kotobukiya ArtFX 1/6

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Kotobukiya presents Marie Rose from the popoular game, Dead or Alive 5. Marie stands just below 10 inches tall in her iconic black and white gothic lolita dress. This pre-painted PVC figure is ready to be displayed right out of the box! Marie is sculpted in detail from the top of her golden twin-tails to the innocent smile on her face, and down to the laces and folds in her dress, and belted knee-high boots. Marie Rose is the shortest female fighter in the Dead or Alive series, standing at only 4’10”, with a small frame. She has blonde, waist-length hair that’s held up in twin-pigtails with black ribbons and has light blue eyes. She appears very childlike, and looks younger than her actual age. Her initial design is inspired by Gothic Lolita Fashion, displayed by her default costume which is a modified strapless maid dress, with arm sleeves. She seems to be very energetic, cheerful, gentle, teenage girl, and spoiled which given her youth, fits well but she is shown to be fearless and gutsy unlike many youngsters around her years.

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