Dog Alien Life-Size Head Prop Replica Sideshow / CoolProps ca. 85 cm

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Sideshow and CoolProps are pleased to present the Dog Alien Life-Size Head Prop Replica. This Xenomorph was born from a dog (or cow in the extended edition) from the 1992 movie Alien 3.

This prop replica was produced from the original mold of the Xenomorph, which was kept as a memento by a member of the movie’s crew. This collectible covers all the details, from the inner mouth to its distinctive transparent dome, and reveals the “skull” beneath.

Featuring brown detailed paintwork, a movie-accurate transparent dome, and a distinctive inner mouth seen between the Alien’s sharp teeth. CoolProps’ Dog Alien Prop Replica will strike fear into your heart, just like Ripley and the prisoners suffered in the movie.

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