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During the production of the 1992 movie “Alien 3”, filmmakers used costume suits and props of the Dog Alien character. CoolProps and Prime 1 Studio have developed the Dog Alien Maquette based on the mold of the 1:4 puppet and 3D data from the movie.

Like the high-end statues produced by Prime 1 Studio, this product was also defined as a precise Maquette. Artists faithfully reproduced the scene which was filmed with 1:4 puppet where the dog alien ran through the fire.

This is an excellent piece that captures the moment when the dog alien aggressively runs off, and you can enjoy this very moment with various angles.

Add this 1:3 Dog Alien Maquette produced by CoolProps and Prime 1 Studio to your Alien collections!

The Dog Alien Maquette features:

One (1) head with open mouth
Two (2) kinds of inner mouths (short and long version)
*Inner mouth can be attached to open-mouth head
Base stand which reflects the scenes from the movie

Product Planning, Publisher & Manufacturer: CoolProps

Manufacturer: Prime 1 Studio

Product Size
26.10″ H (662.94mm) x 29.21″ W (741.93mm) x 25.23″ L (640.84mm)*

Product Weight ca 28.0kg

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