ELVEN WARRIOR Limited Edition of 750 WETA Statue Herr der Ringe Hochelfen Krieger SPECIALSALE Lord of the Rings

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It is the Second Age of Middle-earth and the vast armies of Gil-galad and Elendil stand together against the Shadow, a Last Alliance of Elves and Men, laying siege to their great enemy, Sauron. As the innumerable Orc berserkers bear down upon their line, composure and discipline holds the Elves resolute and unwavering before a sudden flash of synchronized Elven swordplay cuts down the first wave of attackers. Curved blades sweep in effortless unison and more Orcs fall. Though greatly outnumbered, the High Elves outmatch their broken foes in every measurable way, and the Orc rabble crashes futilely against their ranks like water cast against stone, black blood running in rivers at their feet.

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