Fight Club Action Figure 1/6 Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) Fur Coat Ver. 30 cm SALE

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„Fuck what you know. You need to forget about what you know, that’s your problem. Forget about what you think you know about life, about friendship, and especially about you and me.“


Blitzway is very proud to officially introduce the Tyler Durden Sixth Scale Collectible Figure from Fight Club, 1999.

They had been preparing for so long with Best Artists to craft the real masterpiece figure that best expresses a propensity, a character, and a meaning.

It features a highly detailed likeness head sculpt, accurate tailored costumes, brand new fully articulated body, various realistic accessories, and perfect realizations of the movie character.


– Highly Detailed likeness of Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in Fight Club Portrait
– Newly Designed and Developed Body with over 30 points of articulations
– 1 Pair of Opened Hands
– 1 Left Relaxed Hand
– 1 Right Hand for holding Cigarette
– 1 Right Hand for holding Lighter
– 1 Left Finger pointing Hand



– 1 Dark Brown tailored Realistic Fur Coat
– 1 Pale Orange Sleeveless Shirts
– 1 pair of Dark Orange Cotton Pants
– 1 pair of Authentic Loafers



– 1 pair of Sunglasses
– 1 set of Designed Table and Chair
– 1 Fight Club Soap and 1 Soap Dish
– 1 Ashtray
– 1 Pack of Cigarette & 3 Cigarettes
– 1 Lighter
– 1 File Folder
– 1 Fight Club Air Plane Safety Leaflet
– 5 Business Cards
– 3 Graphic props : Fight Club Rules, Warning Message, Film Graphics.
– Specially designed Fight Club nameplate Figure Stand

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