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2011 Premier Guild Exclusive

When the going gets tough the Empire calls on the Imperial Storm Commandos. These elite troops, outfitted in black armor akin to Lord Vader, are aggressive and fierce soldiers of the Imperial Army. Their stealth armor is based on a hybrid version of the more formal light scout troopers (Return of the Jedi) yet impervious to sensor and scanner technology. A dreaded force to be reckoned with and rarely has anyone lived to tell tales of their existence.

Armed with an E-11 Blaster rifle, holstered blaster pistol at the ready and boasting authentically detailed armor, helmet, visor, gloves and accessories, this low run limited edition collectible stands just under 7” tall and is made of a heavy, durable cold cast Poly-stone. Each piece comes in full packaging and hand numbered with a matching certificate of authenticity.

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