Ghostbusters Statue 1/4 Slimer 60 cm Statuen Ghostbusters HCG Hollywood Collectibles Group


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“We are proud to present the second piece in our highly anticipated line of Officially Licensed 1:4 Scale Ghostbusters statues…Slimer!

The “Ugly Little Spud” is depicted hovering over a food cart whilst gorging on the leftovers in true Slimer fashion!

This impressive statue stands 23½” tall on the highly detailed food cart display. Slimer himself is 10” tall and is expertly crafted in translucent resin for a more ghostly appearance!

This is an ideal companion piece to our very popular Venkman statue and upcoming Stantz statue.

This Museum Quality statue is constructed from translucent resin and heavyweight polystone and then hand painted to the finest detail.



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