GORO 1/3 Statue Mortal Kombat X Pop Culture Shock ca 85 cm Limitiert auf nur 150 Stück

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Mortal Kombat X – Goro 1:3 Scale Statue

Making his debut in the first Mortal Kombat game as a sub-boss to Shang Tsung, Goro is a four-armed shaken warrior who had been the champion of the Mortal Kombat tournament for nine generations, remaining undefeated for 500 years. 

The team at Pop Culture Shock have brought to life this intimidating fighter in 1/3 Scale in incredible detail. Standing almost 3-feet tall, this statue of Goro has been based on his modern appearance in Mortal Kombat X. This mixed media piece features a beautifully sculpted polystone figure, along with real hear flowing from his trademark topknot, flocked fur on his barbarian bracers, a bejeweled talon necklace and a leathery loincloth. Goro is perched atop a hand-sculpted base of bones and skulls, with light-up LED torches.

Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

Edition Size: 150 pieces worldwide

Dimensions: 35” (89cm) H



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