Heidi Statue Heidi & Snowflake – 19 cm Heidi & Schnucki von LMZ Collectibles

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Eine Erinnerung an die Kindheit

Switzerland, the mountains, Alm-Onji’s chalet, Peter and his goats, …

When we think of Heidi, we immediately think of these images. The reverse is also valid; observe a lost chalet in the Swiss mountains and you might see Heidi running in the grass, barefoot of course!

With this first statuette from the universe of Heidi, we wanted to feel the atmosphere of the very first episodes of the series. Those in which Heidi discovers life in the mountains alongside Alm-Onji. The making of a stool or cheese will be experienced by little Heidi as magical moments. It is in the first episode “The Mountain” that Heidi meets Snowflake. The sculpture of this statuette is freely inspired by the cover of the Japanese vinyl LP from the original soundtrack of the series.

Made of resin. Molded, assembled and hand painted.

Limited to 400 units

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