Herr der Ringe Büste The Fell Beast 50 cm Geflügelte Wesen der Nazgul – Weta Lord of the Rings

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During the War of the Ring, Sauron’s Ringwraiths took to the air to scour Middle-earth for the bearer of the One. Borne upon ancient, nameless beasts, fell and terrible, the Nazgûl ranged far and freely, their cries rending the air and striking fear into the hearts of men.

When battle came, the Wraiths drove their bat-winged mounts into their enemies’ ranks, crushing armour and shattering lines. Soldiers they plucked from battlements, hurling them to their deaths, and horse and rider alike they fed to their beasts upon the blood-soaked field of battle.

It’s about trying to think about it from the inside out really as well as I can. With the advent now of better digital technologies, it’s becoming even harder to discern where the reality and fiction begin and end.

Jamie Beswarcik – Sculptor, Weta Workshop


A bat-winged brute of fearsome proportions, the Fell Beast was based on original illustrations by The Lord of the Rings conceptual designer John Howe. A seasoned Tolkien artist, Howe had conceptualised the creature for calendars and books in years past and had developed an aesthetic that resonated with the director.

To bring the Fell Beast to life on screen, the artists of Weta Workshop created a scannable maquette, paying careful attention to the physics behind the creature’s biology as they crafted its frightening form. When complete, the two-metre long sculpture was scanned by Weta Digital’s artists as a basis for their digital animation model.

Two decades after he helped design the creature for The Lord of the Rings, Weta Workshop sculptor Jamie Beswarick revisited the Fell Beast, this time capturing its snarling visage as a highly detailed polystone bust. Created using the same traditional physical sculpting techniques honed on the trilogy, the bust can be wall-mounted or displayed on its stand; a masterpiece of fantasy film art.


The Fell Beast Bust can either stand on a flat surface or hang on the wall. Just loosen the bolt, turn its head 180 degrees on its base and fasten the bolt again.

The Fell Beast comes with a removable helm.

Images are of a pre-production prototype. Each statue is hand painted and minor variations will occur.

Dimensions: 19.68″ x 18.11″ x 12″ (W x H x D) 50 cm x 46 cm x 30.5 cm

Weight: 16.75 lbs (7.6 kg)


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