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High Elven Warrior Helm United Cutlery – Hochelben Helm Herr der Ringe Lord of the Rings Specialsale

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The Last Alliance of Elves and Men was formed in 3430 of the Second Age in response to the threat of conquest by the Dark Lord Sauron. This army was the largest force ever assembled in Middle-earth since the Host of Valinor during the War of Wrath. The Last Alliance was the greatest military alliance involving all the Free Peoples of the world united under one banner and the only large-scale war fought until the War of the Ring.

Because Elendil and Gil-galad had taken the initiative, they had the luxury of time to prepare for the Battle of Dagorlad. Both kings spent two years gathering their forces; Elendil and Isildur met Gil-galad at the watchtower of Amon Sûl on Weathertop and together they led their hosts to Rivendell, where they were joined by Elrond and his company of elves. In Rivendell they spent a further three years making plans, forging weapons, and training for the great battle ahead of them.

Climbing over the Misty Mountains they had started recruiting the dwarves of Moria under the command of Durin IV. They journeyed south down the River Anduin, gathering Elves led by Oropher and Amdir, the kings of Greenwood and Lórien, respectively, and eventually were joined by the army of Númenóreans from Gondor led by Isildur’s brother Anárion. On their way to Mordor they fought many battles (one took place in the garden of the Ent-wives, when Sauron destroyed it to slow down the Alliance, which is the reason for their disappearance). The host that comprised the Last Alliance of Elves and Men is said to have been the greatest seen in Middle-earth since the War of Wrath. It consisted of hundreds of thousands of Dwarves, Elves and men.

The greatest and most decisive battle took place before Mordor, on the plains of Dagorlad. It was here when the Last Alliance destroyed Saruon’s main force. Although this was a victory, many were lost, including both kings Amdir and Oropher due to their annoyance at following the supreme command of Gil-galad, the High King of the Ñoldor, and thus charging prematurely at the enemy. Many Silvan Elves were also killed alongside Oropher, and so were many Elves and Men. After this battle, the Black Gate was thrown down and the Seige of Barad-dûr began, lasting seven years, during which Anarion, son of Elendil and lord of Minas Anor, was killed by a rock shot from a catapult atop Barad-dûr. The war ended when Sauron himself came forth and fought Gil-galad in combat, who was then joined by Elendil. Although they both fell in battle, they managed to defeat Sauron and bring him down. Isildur then subsequently cut the ring from Sauron’s hand, thus dispersing his spirit.

It should be noted that while it is called the Last Alliance of Elves and Men, Tolkien states that all races came to battle that day, even birds and beasts, and that all were found on either side except for the Elves, who fought solely under the banner of Gil-galad, and the orcs. Dwarves were also found on both sides, with those of Durin’s folk, led by Durin IV, fighting on the side of the Alliance.

An exact replica of the Helmet armor worn by the High Elves in the battle of the Last Alliance as seen in the Movie Trilogy The Lord of The rings. The Replica is magnificent and surely the best exact High Elven warrior helm until now. It’s a shame that not more from the entire body armor never replicated as i would personally love to have 2 High elven warriors guarding my office or living room. Just a Life size Statue with actual wearable prop armor.

The high sophistication of the Elven race carries over into the design of the High Elven War Helm, which has the appearance of being beaten out of a single sheet of steel. Embossed into the nose guard is the Elvish rune, GG, which represents the commander of the Elvish army, Gil-galad. This authentically detailed helmet is a reproduction of the helmet prominently featured in The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring presented by New Line Cinema. United® Cutlery Brands, industry leader in fine movie reproductions, has meticulously recreated the actual prop helmet using the finest grade materials and craftsmanship of the highest quality available. Close attention to quality is a top priority in every piece. This meticulously detailed helmet is crafted in fiberglass-reinforced resin, like the actual movie prop. It features a genuine leather-lined interior and an Elven vine design with an antiqued finish. Each helmet is presented with a wood display stand adorned with „The One Ring“ inscription and a brass medallion. This adult collectible is strictly limited to 5000 pieces worldwide and is individually serialized on a solid brass plate mounted on the inside back of the helmet to ensure authenticity.

Includes a parchment certificate of authenticity, along with a second certificate personally autographed by production designer John Howe. Mr. Howe designed the High Elven War Helm and many of the other props featured in The Lord of the Rings trilogy of feature films, presented by New Line Cinema.

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