Independence Day Wiederkehr Büste 1/1 Alien 70 cm Prime1 Sideshow SALE

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Independence Day Wiederkehr Büste 1/1 Alien 81 cm

“Sie wandern von Planet zu Planet. Ihre ganze Zivilisation. Wenn alle natürlichen Ressourcen ausgebeutet sind, ziehen sie weiter. Und wir sind die Nächsten…”

– Thomas Whitmore (1996)”

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present LSIDR-01 Alien Life-Size Bust from the Independence Day: Resurgence. The Aliens are a nameless race of highly intelligent and technologically advanced extraterrestrial beings. They are a hive mind race with the intention of conquering and harvesting planets at the expense of driving the native population to extinction. The aliens, interestingly, have no name. Even 20 years after the War of 1996, the closest the humans ever come actually naming the aliens is calling the creatures “Them”.

Statue Features:
– Size approximately 32 inches
– Limited quantity worldwide
– High-Quality translucent resin for a lifelike alien skin effect

– Prototype samples shown
– Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.

Limitiert auf 350 Stück weltweit!



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