Ippo vs Sendo Hajime No Ippo Statue 1/6 von Kitsune


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Estimated release date Q2/Q3 2022
Scale 1/6
Edition 400 pieces
Material Resin, PU, PVC
Dimensions H. 30 cm x W. 20 cm x D. 28 cm
Weight +/- 10 kilos


We have the great pleasure to offer you a statue from the Hajime No Ippo license, a manga that has been around for many years now and that continues, even today, to thrill us.

We wanted to hit hard by representing one of the most epic fights of the manga.
This scene is in a way a consecration for Ippo Makunouchi who, following his victory, wins the title of Japanese Champion against his great rival and former thug Sendo Takeshi.

So we opted for an ultra dynamic statue of Ippo striking the first blow of his terrible and mythical technique: the DEMPSEY ROLL!
At this moment, everything is over for Sendo. Despite this devastating blow, you can still read the rage in Sendo’s eyes who does not want to let his title slip away. He will give everything he has until the last second.
Basically, the goal was to showcase both boxers. So we chose to represent the Japanese Champion’s belt.
This belt means a lot to our champion but above all it is the symbol of victory!

This statue is full of details, and we hope it will delight all Hajime No Ippo fans.



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