Jurassic Park Geschenkbox 25th Anniversary Legacy Kit Gift Set

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For the first time in history, man and dinosaur share the earth together. And it only happens in one place on the planet: Jurassic Park. Book your trip to Isla Nublar now with our “Legacy Kit” and experience a new age of adventure for yourself. Welcome to Jurassic Park.

Limited Edition: 1993 copies

– John Bell Exclusive Art (Steven Spielberg art director on Jurassic Park)
– Exclusive License Plate (Metal Stamped)
– Entrance Ticket – Limited Edition Numbered
– Banner ‘When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth’
– Jurassic Park Brochure Map
– 18 Exclusive Trading Cards
– Night Vision Googles Safety Instructions
– Jurassic Park Logo Pin
– Mr. ADN Pin
– VIP Visitor Pass with Lanyard
– Isla Nublar Postcard
– T-Rex Kingdom Postcard
– 3 Stickers

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