KILI’S RUNE STONE Prop Replica by Weta Kili´s Runenstein

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It is a talisman, a powerful spell lies upon it. If any but a dwarf reads the runes on the stone, they will be forever cursed, or not. Depending on whether you believe that kind of thing. It’s just a token – a rune-stone. My mother gave it to me so I’d remember my promise.

Kili The Dwarf

Sculpted and created by the same artists and craftspeople who worked on The Hobbit trilogy, Kili’s Rune Stone is made from polystone and painted to create the appearance of labradorite.

Product images are of a pre-production prototype. Each statue is painted by hand and variations will occur.

“Weight and colour are perfect…its dark colour allows it to have a genuinly beautiful look, just like in the movie. The words inscribed on it are “innikh dê” (which means “Return to Me”) and it is carved elegantly by the artists.”

Aslibayrak – Weta Collector

Weta Workshop’s authentic prop replicas are made by the very same artists and technicians who work on our movies, using the same techniques and materials. We treat our prop replicas with the same level of care, quality and attention to detail that we bring to our film work.

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