Little Embers Vinyl Blind Box Figures kleine Drachen Miyo´s Mystic Musings

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LITTLE EMBERS When sitting in front of a friendly fire, maybe with a cup of cocoa wrapped in a cozy blanket on a winter’s night or perhaps roasting marshmallows with friends around a summer campfire… There is a moment when the flames die down leaving the logs glowing red. Then, you hear it, a slight crackle as a spent log falls apart and embers fly up into the air. That is the moment when Little Baby Embers are born! You may not see them as they play in the hearth amongst the ashes, covered in soot. But remember they are there before you go poking about in the ashes! If you are lucky, you might see a puff of a dragon’s kiss! The Little Embers Blind Box Figurines are approximately 2.5″ tall • Soot • Sparks • Cinder • Ash • Flames

Made by Miyo (ECC / Cinemaquette)

Achtung – blind boxes – wir können keine speziellen Figuren garantieren!

Release ist gegen Mitte 2019

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