Lord of the Rings: Aragorn 1:2 Scale Statue


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Sentimental IP, Lighting up the Dream of Middle-earth
Since its birth, The Lord of the Rings has had a great and far-reaching impact on European and American fantasy literature. The world of Middle-earth created by Tolkien has been entrusted with infinite fantasies and echoed the complexity of the real world. Through the disputes and inheritance of elves, humans, dwarves, Orks and Ainu’s various races, the epic narrative and hymn to courage and love have been written. In April 2002, the first film in the Lord of the Rings series was released in China. With the simultaneous publication of Tolkien’s original novels, the love and yearning for Middle-earth began to take root. The films won awards for visual effects, make-up, costumes and music, and the heart-stopping story and aesthetic experience made the series an unforgettable experience. Now, 20 years later, as the teenagers of the past have grown up, their buried love for the characters of The Lord of the Rings has become a determination to break the confines of the screen and bring them to us.

1:2 Series Resonance, Adding Collector’s Value
With the release of the Gandalf 1:2 body and Legolas 1:2 body, the Lord of the Rings Expeditionary Force series is back with a new addition. This time, the Aragorn 1:2 full-body statue is designed with the same design elements as the classic scenes.

Character Enhancement, Reproduction of Screen Classics
Aragorn is the 39th grandson of Isildur, the founding king of Gondor and Arnor. He was a member of the Lord of the Rings Expeditionary Force and a central character in the War of the Rings, one of the key figures in the defeat of Sauron. His strong character, handsome appearance and status as “King of Men“ gave him a large following in Middle-earth. He is also a fan favorite in the real world.

The work of heart, restore the details of the light armor warrior
Adopting real fabrics, carefully selecting and comparing among more than 60 kinds of fabrics. The outer robe has fine texture and outstanding texture, the Aragorn wears the “Star of Pale Twilight“ presented by Princess Arwen, symbolizing the indispensable love between Aragorn and Princess Arwen. The Ring of Barahan on Aragorn’s hand symbolizes the friendship between elves and humans. It is also shown. Together with the elf cloak of the Rings, the four layers of clothing of Aragorn the Ranger have been reproduced to the fullest extent. Hair part of the use of hair transplant technology, the color is real, the shape is natural, fully restore the glossy texture! Customized eyes

Detachable holy sword, enriching players with more collectible fun.
Reference to a variety of information, the Ranger period of Aragorn accessories, short sword all restore, especially recast Nasir holy sword “Anduril“, made of metal, can be disassembled independently, whether for viewing or playing will give players a different collection experience. Please note: The weapon is a statue accessory, not a professional forging accessory, so please do not swing or slash it!

White City Ruins Scene Floor
The terrace is made of the ruins of the White City as a design element, with the unique stone style of the White City plus the overgrown environment performance, with Aragorn’s combat styling.

Limited to 499 pieces.


59cm x 57cm x 136cm   (L x B x H )

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