Lord of the Rings Statue 1/6 Aragorn at Amon Hen 32 cm

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Numb from the loss of Gandalf, yet with purpose renewed from their time in Lothlórien, the Fellowship of the Ring makes its way south, paddling elven boats down the Anduin River as far as Nen Hithoel. Upon the banks of the lake and the quiet shade of Parth Galen the weary eight pause to make camp and consider their course.

Though true and thoughtful, Aragorn struggles to keep his company together. Doubt and disagreement gnaw as the Ring exerts its dark influence upon the party, and Boromir’s brooding disapproval hangs above them like a dark cloud, smothering their spirits.

Seeking comfort in solitude, Frodo strays among the trees, climbing the wooded slope of Amon Hen, and here finds Boromir waiting for him. In a fit of madness Gondor’s son tries to wrest the Ring from Frodo, and the Hobbit flees to encounter Aragorn searching for them both. Aragorn gazes long upon the Ring, but in the end does what Boromir could not, overcoming its lure and accepting the truth that the Fellowship is no more: what hope they have lies now on Frodo’s shoulders alone.

Yet even as this understanding settles between them a new peril appears. Emerging from the trees in clouds of dust and the rumble of iron-shod feet come scores of slavering Uruk-hai. Now Aragorn must fight to buy Frodo’s escape, and as the Hobbit vanishes among the leaves the clear horn of Gondor sounds below: Boromir calls for aid. Outnumbered, desperate and dispersed, the Fellowship is broken, but its members might yet be saved…

Weta Workshop is proud to present Aragorn at Amon Hen. This 1:6 scale polystone marries traditional hand-crafted techniques with modern technology to create an ever-more exacting piece.

Edition Size: 400

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