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It’s the small airspeeder that toppled the Imperial forces‘ mighty AT-AT walkers at the climactic Battle of Hoth in „The Empire Strikes Back.“ The Rebel Snowspeeder used repulsor-lift technology to hover above the ground while 2 primary engines in the rear provided forward momentum. The tiny cockpit carried a pilot, who operated the 2 blaster cannons atop the wings, and a gunner for the cannon/harpoon launcher in the rear. Capturing the craft on film required an arsenal of models to be made. They ranged from only a few inches long to a 4′-long model used for close-up shots, to several full-size mockups for action shots of the actors. For this reproduction of the Snowspeeder, Master Replicas worked with Lucasfilms to create a composite of the studio and full-size models. But their master reference was the 21″ studio scale models of the „Rogue One,“ which was used by Luke Skywalker in „The Empire Strikes Back“ and for most of the primary shots in the film. Like the originals, this 3/4-scale replica is cold cast from high-quality resin with many of the details reproduced in injection-molded plastic and the main guns in aluminum tubing. Matching the models down to the exact paint color, it shows the weathering and battle damage the vehicle sustained in the frigid Hoth environment. For display, the Snowspeeder rests on a cradle consisting of 3 clear triangular acrylic supports topped with black rubber pads. An official reproduction limited to 1,500 worldwide, it comes with a custom display case, numbered plaque and certificate of authenticity, as well as an exclusively designed expanded prop story and Snowspeeder screen shot. The display case has a matte black base, mirrored floor and acrylic dust cover. Snowspeeder: 16Lx14Wx4H“. Display Case: 19Lx18Wx11H“. 


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