Mr. Freeze Statue by Prime 1 Studio Batman: Arkham Origins EXCLUSIVE

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„Nothing matters. Do you understand? Nothing but my Nora!“

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present Mr. Freeze from Batman: Arkham Origins (Cold, Cold Heart DLC). Victor Fries was a brilliant cryogenicist whose beloved wife, Nora, was stricken with a fatal degenerative disease. Fries placed Nora in suspended animation while he obsessively searched for a way to cure her, but the corporation that funded his research – and Nora’s life – pulled the plug, and triggered an accident that transformed Fries‘ body into a cold-blooded form that must always be kept at absolute zero.

At normal room temperature, he would die. While wielding a number of cryogenic weapons, Mister Freeze wears protective armor on his quest to bring back his lovely wife and avenge her fate – which he partly held Batman responsible for. He served as the main antagonist of the Cold, Cold Heart DLC.

This statue is a perfect companion to Prime 1 Studio’s upcoming Batman Extreme Environment Batsuit available for preorder later on.

Sideshow Exclusive

One (1) interchangeable hand holding Nora snow globe

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