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Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents the Sideshow Original Patient Zero Life-size Bust from The Dead collection. Lumbering from his hiding place, Patient Zero’s contorted face gives a haunting picture of The Dead, jaw open in a silent scream, eyes milky and glazed with death. Evolving from a 12-inch figure to Premium Format to this imposing bust, the original icon of The Dead is represented here in eerie life-size, or rather DEAD-size. The Patient Zero Life-size Bust is an outstanding addition to any display.

Some call it a virus, others a genetic experiment gone awry. The secrets are heavily guarded, and though it is unclear where they began or how, the first specimen to reach the masses caused a stir of panic and mayhem the world over. Shambling unnaturally from an unknown darkness, its contorted, bloodied form was unlike anything the public had ever seen. Its dead flesh was torn with gaping wounds, grayed by death and riddled with evidence of rigger mortis. That terrifying and gruesome figure marks the only known origin of the reanimation epidemic. Since this shocking beginning, it has become clear that The Dead multiply each and every year… Be Ready.


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