PCS Collectibles “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” White Ranger Life Size Bust 1:1 Scale Limited Exclusive Edition


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Guess who’s back?

Tommy Oliver began his time with the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers as the villainous Green Ranger, operating under the influence of Rita Repulsa attempting to destabilize the Rangers from the inside.

However, once freed from Rita’s evil spell, Tommy showed remorse and a desire to atone for the damage he’d done, so he was invited to join the team. The Green Ranger was now a valuable member of the Rangers, but Tommy’s good fortune would not last. Rita had bestowed the Green Ranger mantle upon Tommy, and so she could she take it away too, slowly draining his powers until they were no more!

With his powers gone, Tommy secluded himself at a lakeside cabin to re-focus and gain perspective on his situation.

Zordon teleported Tommy back to the command center and bestowed upon him the power of the White Ranger. Armed with his talking saber Saba, and the massive White Tigerzord, the White Ranger was dubbed the new leader of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers!

The Pop Culture Shock Exclusive White Ranger bust stands an impressive 25” tall and features an LED light-up Power Morpher base and is limited to only 200 pieces worldwide!

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