Pirates of the Caribbean Salazars Rache Master Craft Statue 1/144 Black Pearl 36 cm Beast Kingdom Fluch der Karibik

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Where legends meet craftsmanship: Master Craft. Beast Kingdom unveils the mysterious Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean. Legend The link between all of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the Black Pearl has followed Captain Jack on his adventures, inciting many complicated and widely told tales of the sea. She is the perfect silver screen partner for Captain Jack, escaping from the ocean’s jaws of death on many occasions. Although the hull bears the scars of many a battle, it still holds the title of the fastest ship in the Caribbean. Craftsmanship Beast Kingdom’s Master Craft Series introduces the limited production 1:144 scale Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean, whose masterful craftsmanship includes every detail. Over 100 small parts have been incorporated into this 35cm long, 36cm tall vessel. The masthead dictates the ship’s direction, and a large anchor hangs over the side. Soaring masts support billowing sails, and the jolly roger waves is blown by a fierce wind, all these details show an amazing level of craftsmanship. Skillful application of paint is shown through the aging of the hull and patching on the sails, adding layers and bringing them to life. The cabin of the ship contains lighting, including 3 old fashioned lanterns at the stern. When connected to electricity, these lamps lend the ship an eerie glow as if it were floating on the sea. The display base is made of great waves and spray, lifting the speedy Black Pearl high on its journey, completely capturing her time breaking waves with Captain Jack like in the movies. Each Beast Kingdom Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean sculpture comes with a stainless steel nameplate and a limited production serial number, adding a unique value to your collection!

Die Statue aus hochwertigem Resin, PVC und Metallteilen wurde handbemalt und ist eine exakte Nachbildung des für im Film verwendeten Modells. Desweiteren verfügt sie über eine eingebaute LED Leuchtfunktion.

Das Sammlerstück ist ca. 35 x 36 x 18 cm groß und wird inkl. Präsentations-Ständer geliefert. Der Ständer ist zusätzlich mit einer Metallplatte und einer Seriennummer versehen.


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