Predator (Comics) Big Game Predator Prime1 Statue ca 70 cm

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An extraterrestrial species characterized by their hunting of Xenomorphs/Aliens for faith and honor using a combination of highly advanced technology are the Yautja, also widely known as Predators.
This time Prime 1 Studio is excited to present PMDHPR-02: Big Game Predator (Predator Comics) Statue inspired by a comic cover art by Dark Horse!

Prime 1 Studio re-arranged the cover art of Dark Horse comic and succeed in making highly detailed piece of Nayenezgani, the legendary monster slayer.

The LED light-up function is included on Shoulder Cannon. He is holding a fresh skull pulled from the victim’s body in his left hand which gives a pretty horrific look.
The Big Game Predator is standing on a pile of human skulls and it measures approximately 27 inches tall.

This is the best companion piece to display next to the Cracked Tusk Predator Statue!


Statue Size approximately 27 inches tall [H:69.7cm W:39.4cm D:39.5cm]
LED Light-up function on Shoulder Cannon
Two (2) interchangeable Left Hands Set
One (1) designed theme base

Product Size H:69.7cm W:39.4cm D:39.5cm
Product Weight 17.4kg
Material Polystone


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