Queen Studios “Avengers – Endgame” – Iron Man Mark 85 LXXXV 1:2 Statue 115cm

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The Armor


The Statue

Queen Studios’ Iron Man MK85 is a 1/2 scale movie accurate replica of Stark’s ultimate armor. Intractely designed with the iconic red, gold and silver trim, Iron Man is ready for action. The “battle ready pose” sees the Mark 85 facing forward, right knee lifted and repulsors aiming at their target. The bottom of the base reflects the plinth used for the time heist in Endgame.


Special Features

  • License: Marvel
  • Material: Polystone
  • Size: 55cm (L), 52cm (W), 115cm (H), (Height with Back Repuslors 122cm)
  • Edition Size: 520


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