Red Sonja Red Sonja She-Devil with a Vengeance Deluxe Version by Prime1 ca 101 cm


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“No man may have me, unless he’s beaten me in a fair fight.”

Prime 1 Studio is very proud to introduce the greatest swordswoman of the Hyborian Age MMRS-01DX: Red Sonja She-Devil with a Vengeance Deluxe Version Statue!

The Deluxe version included various interchangeable parts such as an additional interchangeable right-arm holding her axe or long sword and a scabbard with her long sword to be attached to her right thigh while displaying with her alternate weapon.

The wandering and fearless adventurer are perfectly crafted with attention to details with her iconic chain mail armor which emphasize her flawless body. She is designed to be viewed in 360 degrees, standing approximately 31 inches tall in her dynamic pose about to kill the ferocious giant snake.

The legendary barbarian warrior-woman is a must have for all Red Sonja fans!
Don’t miss out to add this dynamic piece to your collection!


Statue Size approx. 31 inches tall with Sword [H:77.8cm W:55.8cm D:48cm]
Statue Size approx. 37 inches tall with Axe Up [H:94.5cm W:55.8cm D:48cm]
Statue Size approx. 40 inches tall with Sword Up [H:100.4cm W:55.8cm D:48cm]
One (1) designed theme base
One (1) interchangeable right-arm holding the Axe
Two (2) interchangeable right-arm holding the Long Sword
One (1) interchangeable scabbard to be able to display with/without sword handle
Poseable Cape with faux fur on the cape and boots

Product Size H:77.8cm W:55.8cm D:48cm
H:94.5cm W:55.8cm D:48cm (with the axe up)
H:100.4cm W:55.8cm D:48cm (with the sword up)
Product Weight 25.8kg
Material Polystone and other materials

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