Scrooge McDuck Special Edition Bronze Version Statue by Beast Kingdom Ducktales Master Craft ca 39 cm

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Get ready to flash some cash, with the richest Duck in Duckberg! “Scrooge McDuck” as he gets ready to dive into his vault of coins and treasures to take a swim. Are you up for joining him on a dip yourself?

The famous uncle of the three young Ducks, Huey, Dewey and Louie, the rich globetrotter is well-known for owning a building-sized vault filled with his treasures! DuckTales brought to life Scrooge McDuck and unleashed him to the world, becoming a fan favorite along the way. With an extreme love for money, eccentric taste, and a little bit of charm, Scrooge, whilst stingy is ultimately a good-hearted uncle!

Beast Kingdom’s Entertainment Experience Brand is back once again with the latest limited-edition Master Craft statue. Upholding the highest forms of craftsmanship, the Master Craft series aims to deliver the very best in handmade, hand-painted statues from the world of entertainment. Faithfully recreating the classic Uncle Scrooge design, the head-to-toe clothing fully showcases the aristocratic tastes of Scrooge. The cane, the treasures under Scrooge, as well as the very first coin he kept as a young collector starting out on his treasure hunts, are all faithfully recreated!

With this special, limited edition run, collectors can enjoy one of a kind copper-colored design, matching the wonderfully rich taste of Scrooge himself.

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