Stargate ANUBIS 1/2 Scale Prop Replica Helmet ca 59 cm by Chronicle


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Worn by the elite Jaffa Guards of Anubis, the Jackal Guards, the Anubis masks resemble the head of a jackal.

Following the success of their 1:1 Scale Stargate Helmets, Chronicle Collectibles has rescaled their Anubis helmet into a table top 1:2 scale piece! Digitally scanned by the folks at Captured Dimensions, this 1:2 scale helmet measures 23” tall and is 100% authentic to the previous 1:1 scale piece! Made from polyresin, this incredible piece also features a light-up eyes.

Dimensions: 23” (58.4cm) H x 10” (25.4cm) W x 11” (27.9cm) D

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