Street Fighter IV Poison Mad Gear Exclusive 1/4 Scale Statue ca 43 cm POP CULTURE SHOCK SALE

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‘Now, the show is ready to begin!” With her bondage cap, studded choker, riding crop and hand-cuffs, Poison is not the most subtle of characters. Her exposed midriff, ”Daisy Duke” shorts and trademark red high heels are not exactly practical for fighting, either. But other characters can be subtle, and dress in sensible garb. Poison’s M.O. is attracting attention, and at that, no other Capcom character comes close. First appearing in Street Fighter’s cousin franchise, Final Fight, she would cameo in the background of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and other Street Fighter games before becoming playable in Street Fighter x Tekken. By then she had so intrigued fans that Capcom had no choice but to add her to the roster of an actual SF game, Ultra Street Fighter IV, where moves like her Poison Kiss made her insanely popular. The Retail Edition of Poison features lustfully pursed lips and her trademark riding crop, while the PCS ‘Mad Gear’ Exclusive has a switch-out Smiling Portrait and switch-out ‘look-at-me’ hand as seen in her in-game win animation. Roxy is a PCS Only Exclusive and features a game accurate color-swap as well as her trademark baseball bat instead of the riding crop

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