The Balance of the Nine Skies Kylin Statue by Gantaku ca 54 cm

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Gantaku is proud to present this amazing Polystone/PVC Statue of Kylin. Original sculpting by PKKing. The 1/7th scale statue measures approx. 54 x 60 x 42 cm and comes with matching base in a printed box.

PKKING, formerly known as Jiang Jiaqing, is a well-known prototype designer in Taiwan. Since he was a child, he liked painting and creation. Since he was in high school, he started to contact model-making and have a good interest in it. After more than ten years efforts in creation and self breakthrough, he created his own works of The Balance of Ninth Skies series of figures which participated in professional exhibitions and events at home and abroad for several times with highly appraisal and many awards.

In the ancient age of China, the world of Taikoo was once a world where God, man and demon coexist. God and demon have special abilities in their own right. However, in order to have the special ability to confront God, they must contract with natural beasts. In the world of Jiutianheng, nine different elements exist in nature, including gold, wood, water, fire, earth, day, month, light and Yan. These nine elements balance the world in which they are living together. Nowadays, however, one of elements has disappeared for unknown reasons and the world began to collapse. God wants to take this opportunity to rebuild the world. In order to survive, people and demons gain each other’s strength in a contractual manner and begin to confront God.

Limited to just 500 pieces worldwide.


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