The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Deet the Gelfling 1/6 Scale Statue by Weta


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Deet is content and happy hand-feeding nurlocs in the Caves of Grot where she lives with her family. But everything changes for Deet when the Sanctuary Tree speaks to her, giving her a vision of their world darkened and dying. Compelled by this truth to seek out the leader of the seven Gelfling clans, Deet leaves her home for the very first time to journey in the bright lands above ground. Even as the three suns sting in her sensitive eyes, Deet’s bravery and single-minded belief in the goodness of Thra and its people drive in pursuit of her urgent quest.

1:6 scale.
Portrays the gentle Grottan from The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.
Prototype by Weta Workshop sculptor Steven Saunders.
Sculpt developed from digital scans of the original puppet seen on screen.
High-quality polystone statue, with translucent wings cast in resin.
Faux-stone base features iconography from the floor of the Crystal Chamber.

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