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Elite Creature Collectibles is excited to announce our 1:1 scale Guyver bust from the movie Guyver: Dark Hero. Based on the Japanese manga series Bio Booster Armor Guyver created by Yoshiki Takaya, the film was directed by ECC Art Director Steve Wang.

In the movie, Sean Barker, an unsuspecting college student finds “The unit,” an ancient alien device that transforms him into a powerful fighting machine known as The Guyver. Sean is catapulted into a bizarre world of battling transmorphic creatures called the Zoanoids created by the evil Chronos Corporation.

Taken from the original movie molds, this intricately detailed Guyver bust stands an imposing 35 inches tall. Constructed from heavy weight polystone, fiberglass, and high-tech holographic film, Each bust is individually hand painted to the finest detail.

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