The Hound Statue by Level52 Studios Busted Series Werwolf Büste ca 45 cm

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This is the last face you want to meet in the dark.

The Hound is a super-sized new addition to the Busted Series by Level52 Studios. Sculptor Kurt Papstein has managed to capture the untamed ferocity of this nocturnal nightmare in stunning detail from its bright, ruthless eyes to its gaping maw and flowing mane. Add this beast to your collection, and you’ll have to do a double-take when stepping into the room. Maybe this time it IS lunging at you!

Standing at a truly massive 17.5” tall and produced in polystone, this finely crafted creature arrives in Level52’s signature premium packaging. The Hound will make an excellent watchdog to guard your other collectible treasures.

Materials Polystone

Product Size Height: 17.5″ (444.5 mm) | *


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