The Punisher – Frank Castle Statue ca 47 cm Sideshow


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Frank Castle lived a charmed life, well deserved after retiring from dedicated service to the U.S. Marines. Frank loved his wife and two children, he had a home and responsibilities, he had a future. While picnicking one day with his family in New York’s Central Park, Frank and his family were caught in the crossfire of two powerful Mafia gangs. Frank’s family was gone in an instant innocent victims of crime-ridden New York. The legal system could do nothing for Frank, so he shrugged off his retirement and took matters into his own hands. Reborn as the Punisher, he exacts his own brand of justice on those who commit violent acts against society. The Punisher stalks in the shadows, uniformed in solid black special tactics gear bearing a large white skull on his chest, armed with enough firepower, ammunition and knowledge to wage war upon the criminal element of New York.

Assault Load Bearing Vest
Kevlar shirt with Punisher logo
Tactical leg holster with extra Beretta 92 hi-capacity magazine
Black Tactical Pants
4 x M4 Magazine Pouches with 30 Round M4 Magazines
Large Capacity Pouch with 4 x 30-Round Uzi Magazines
Tactical assault Boots
92 Berretta handgun
Uzi sub-machine gun
M4 CQB Mod with Rail System and Aimpoint sight
2 x M67 grenades
Punisher logo display base featuring the hand-numbered edition
Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format 1/4 Scale Punisher Figure stands at an impressive 18″ tall (19″ tall with base) and is fully equipped with functional tactical gear and an arsenal of weapons and ammunition.
Strictly Limited Edition of 1000 Worldwide!
License: Marvel


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