Toy Story Master Craft Statue Specki 28 cm Hamm by Beast Kingdom Disney

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In the classic animated Disney-Pixar series: Toy Story, amongst all the characters from Woody to Buzz Lightyear, Hamm stands out with some of the zaniest, most outlandish adventures of all!

Taiwan’s Beast Kingdom takes you back to one of Toy Story 2’s funniest moments when Hamm uses a set of children’s blocks as a makeshift stand for a game controller. A cute and adorable moment where Hamm shows us his ingenuity before jumping into some serious gaming action!

The Mastercraft, MC-011 Toy Story Craft Hamm showcases Beast Kingdom’s immense attention to detail. The series of high-end statues allows fans to take home the very best in high-end collectibles. Fully hand painted with crisp details, each section from Hamm himself to the controller or the wooden blocks has had no details spared!

So to all Toy Story fans, are you ready to challenge Hamm to a game? Be sure to grab your very own Hamm Mastercraft and take home the magic today!

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