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“What one does with the truth is more difficult than you think.”

Sideshow presents the officially licensed Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth Fine Art Print by acclaimed pin-up artist Olivia De Berardinis.

Inspired by Gal Gadot’s sensational performance in Wonder Woman (2017), the Lasso of Truth Fine Art Print depicts Diana Prince as a shining beacon of love and justice. Ringed by a golden glow, Wonder Woman wields her legendary lariat in the name of peace, stepping into her role as the protector of Man’s World. Olivia’s incredible portrait of a beloved heroine strikingly embodies Gadot’s likeness, complete with her detailed Amazon armor, bringing everyone’s favorite Themysciran warrior to life in this vibrant composition.

The Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth Fine Art Print is a faithful reproduction of Olivia’s original acrylic-on-wood painting, capturing every detailed color and brushstroke in a luxury collectible format. Each print is hand-signed by Olivia and includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity as a part of the limited edition of 600 pieces.

A true must-have for DC Comics fans- bring home the Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth Fine Art Print by Olivia De Berardinis today!

Print details:

Officially licensed by DC Comics
Limited edition of 600
18 x 26” fine art lithograph print, approx 21.75 X 29.50″ with frame
100% certified archival heavyweight 300gsm rag art paper, with deckled hand-torn edges
Double embossed, with seals from Sideshow and Olivia’s studio
Hand signed by the artist, Olivia De Berardinis
Certificate of authenticity, signed by Olivia De Berardinis

About the Artist:
“I paint Women. Pin-up, Burlesque, Fashion, Fantasy.”
Olivia De Berardinis has been working as an artist since the mid-70’s. Since 1985, Olivia has been a contributor to Playboy magazine, where her art pin-up page often appears with captions written by Hugh Hefner.

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