Court of the Dead Skull Apple ( Rotten Version ) Prop Replica by Sideshow Collectibles Bunker158 EU Exclusive

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Keep your Underworld Collection in perspective with the Court of the Dead Skull Apple (Rotten Version) Prop Replica!

Rosy, red-cheeked apples have long been used in Sideshow photography to provide a sense of scale next to our highly-detailed collectibles. But not all apples can be as hardcore as the apple of our undead eye. Painted in gruesome detail with a decaying face and oozing with rotten juices of the dead, the Skull Apple looks frighteningly good next to any horror collectible. Cast in resin, it will never wither away.

The Skull Apple stands an average 3.75” tall, but that is the only standard thing about it. From its missing right eye to its biting, snarling teeth, the Court of the Dead Skull Apple (Rotten Version) Prop Replica is rotten to the core and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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